Thursday, November 4, 2010

Devotion - Katherine Sutcliffe

This romantic tale, set in 19th-century England, is cut from the same cloth as Jane Eyre. When autumn comes, Trey Hawthorne, a duke, hasn't fortified his estate, and it costs him dearly. Highwaymen not only rob him; they leave him a cripple.
But Maria Ashton, his nurse, devotes herself to his recovery and pulls him back from the brink of insanity. She earns Hawthorne's gratitude, then his love. Can it last?
"Flawlessly plotted and of the best romantic stories in years." (Publishers Weekly)

***I came across this book about a year ago when I bought a lot of about 80 books off craigslist and its sat on my shelf ever since. I'd never heard of the author before in all my years of reading romance novels but was very surprised by this book. Absolutely loved it from beginning to end even stayed up all night to finish it. This is a great touching book, characters are very easy to love, its like you've known Marie and Trey all your life. Katherine is a amazing author who creates such a story you can easily imagine that your right there in the middle of it. It touches your heart and made me smile through the whole thing. Its not your naughty romance where there is sex in the first 10 pages... Its a true romance story, filled with love and hope. Highly recommend this to those of you who love to curl up to a good book at night waiting for their prince.

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