Friday, November 19, 2010

Christina Dodd - The Greatest Lover in All England

Since childhood, Rosie's life has been the stage—passing herself off as a boy playing women's roles in the somewhat disreputable theatrical troupe of actor Danny Plympton, Rosie's adoptive father. But when unanticipated danger confronts them, they must flee London, taking refuge at the estate of Sir Anthony Rycliffe. A handsome, devil-may-care rakehell, Tony quickly sees through Rosie's disguise.
But a lush, womanly form and eminently kissable lips are not the ravishing young beauty's only secrets—and the burning attraction Tony feels for her does not lessen the peril she has brought to his doorstep. The dashing rogue is determined to strip the irresistible lady of her mysteries—and her masculine garb—using all of his fabled seductive powers. After all, Tony has a reputation to uphold, as . . .
The Greatest Lover in All England


Over all it was a good book. It was kind of slow, its not a book that I get hooked on and read the whole thing front to back in a day.... actually took me all week... Character were slightly awkward... probably because the main character has always lived as a man, she doesn't know what to do when someone likes her... I did like how the author tied William Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth into the story line, I felt like the author really portrayed them well into likable sub characters.

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