Thursday, February 10, 2011

How to Marry a Duke - Vicky Dreiling

Tristan, the Duke of Shelbourne is a man with a mission: find a wife he can tolerate as long as they both shall live. Love is not necessary--nor desired. But how to choose among a dizzying array of wealthy-yet-witless candidates? Hire London's infamously prim and proper matchmaker. Then pretend she's not the most captivating woman he's ever met...

Helping a devilish Duke create a contest to pick his perfect mate is the kind of challenge Tessa Mansfield relishes. Her methods may be scandalous, but she's determined to find the notorious bachelor more than a wife--she'll bring him true love. Yet when Tessa watches the women vie for the Duke's affections, she longs to win his heart herself. And after a stolen kiss confirms Tristan's desire, Tessa knows she has broken a matchmaker's number one rule: never fall in love with the groom

 I won this book off a give away, and all I have to say is I LOVED it so much! Such great charactors! I admit I usually am kind of iffy on reading authors first books out unless they have a million good reviews... cause lets admit sometimes they really are horriable... But this one captivated me from begining to end! I was up at 3 AM because I couldn't sleep and got this book the day before in the mail and couldn't put this book down. I really can't say enough good things about it! I love how they first met. How she just rambles, my husband says I do that all the time. They are such a good pair! This is a pretty clean book , definitly not a sex on every page one, which i'm glad for it, I liked how the charactors developed and got to know each other as people. I also liked the theme of the book "Things happen for a reason". I really can't wait till July when the next book comes out!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Highlander's Homecoming - Melissa Mayhue Book #6

SCOTLAND, PRESENT DAY. When Faerie Magic swept ROBERT MACQUARRIE forward in time, modern medicine saved him from a fatal wound. But he also left behind an unfulfilled vow—to protect his friend’s young daughter, Isabella. Haunted by guilt for over a decade, he leaps at the chance to go back and keep that vow. The magic of the Fae works in its own mysterious ways, however.

SCOTLAND, 1292. ISABELLA MACGAHAN has reluctantly chosen a lonely existence, scorned for her Faerie blood and uncontrollable power. When she’s caught in a conflict between clans, a pawn in the struggle for power and land, her only option is to trust a handsome stranger. One who swears he was charged with her safety a full twenty years before... although the deluded man seems little older than she is.

No one is safe when Mortal schemes and Faerie magic push Robbie and Isabella to confront their worst fears. Will the magic demand the ultimateprice from them both—or will they find their true homecoming in each other’s arms?

** Another great book by Melissa. I'd been looking forward for Roberts story since book one and am glad he was finally put into one of her books. Robert is such a great charactor and I'm glad I got to meet him in this book. Isa... shes such a strong charactor as well. At times I wanted to shake her cause she was so stubborn in her feelings for Robert, but it all brought the story together perfectly. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out later this month!! What am I going to do with myself till then??

A Highlander's Destiny- Melissa Mayhue Book #5

When the worlds of Mortal and Fae collide, the magic of true love is put to the test.
JESSE CORYELL is a man adrift in life, searching for his destiny. He doesn't trust women; too many have chased him for his money and power.

He's tried to lose himself in his work, taking on the worst mankind has to offer, but as a Guardian and Fae descendent, what he really needs is to find his true love. When he sets out to help a mysterious woman find her sister, what he gets is much more than he bargained for, battling an undeniable attraction to his sexy new client while fighting to save her life and rescue her sister.

DESTINY NOBLE is desperately searching for her missing kid sister. Not even her own attempted abduction will stop her in her quest. Abandoned by everyone she's ever loved, losing Leah is the last straw. Authorities have declared the girl a runaway, but Destiny knows better. Her dreams have shown her the truth. They've also shown her Jesse.

Jesse and Destiny race against time to save an innocent girl from a powerful ancient evil. Will true love be their only weapon or will they each sacrifice their own destiny in the process?

** Such a great book from Melissa, I swear they get more amazing with each knew book. I've been looking forward to a book with Sexy Jesse since Book #1, and Destinys instant attraction to him is amazing, I felt like I was right there looking though her eyes at him! *drools* Such great charactors, I even got my mom to start reading the series!

A Highlander of her own- Melissa Mayhue - Book #4

TEXAS, PRESENT DAY. ELLIE DENTON's world has spiraled out of control. A strange new birthmark, animals talking to her, and her mother's ex-husband laying claim to the family ranch have her thinking life can't get more complicated. But Ellie doesn't know the birthmark's connection to her Faerie ancestors. Complicated takes on a whole new meaning with her innocent wish to find her true love.

SCOTLAND, 1304. CADEN MACALISTER has more trouble than he can handle. With his brother held for ransom
and the laird missing, the last thing he needs is another problem. But the Fae have other plans.

A mysterious woman shows up in his stables, sent by Faerie Magic to find her true love. Fighting his attraction, Caden insists she's meant for one of his brothers. With his history, he has no desire for a woman in his life—especially a woman sent by the Fae.
Only the magic of the Fae can determine whether Ellie will find a Highlander of her own...

**** I absolutely loved this book, with Ellie able to talk to animals! Soooo funny, I kept looking at my little dog, wondering if she could talk,what would she say?? I also love the chemistry between the main characters. They truly made me smile though the whole book. Highly recommend this series and can never say enough good things about Melissa!!!