Friday, May 20, 2011

Promise me Tomorrow - Lori Copeland #2

"The Sisters of Mercy Flats", begun in Promise Me Today, continues in this wonderful new Western-flavored historical romance. The McDougal sisters are experts at swindling men, and this time Anne-Marie enters into a bargain bordering on blackmail--with a Crow warrior.

This book wasn't for me as good as the first one... Maybe cause hes promised to someone else, but still likes her and desires her was what did it for me... "forbidden romance" type of deal.. I'm not sure. I'm a whole if your promised to someone you stay faithful to them type of gal. But overall it was still a good book, good characters  a lot of action in this one. This book is more descriptive for the sex scenes then the first book. So if you found the first one too much to handle... you might want to stay away from this one... or skip those pages. This one also doesn't "finish" So i'm looking forward to everything wrapping up nicely in the end, theres a lot of unanswered questions!

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